1. Body composition scan

We use the leading Inbody equipment that hospitals and top sports clubs use to provide the most accurate measurements of your body's weight, percentage of fat, bone density and muscle mass.

2. Our qualified trainers

will provide a tailor-made meal plan to your specific goals and nutritional requirements to ensure you get maximum results out your fitness journey with us.

3. We provide a customized and goal specific training plan

to help capitalize on your effort towards your goals while taking all injuries and imbalances into account.

4. private group training

An expert coach will design an exercise program with your partner to achieve mutual goals. With focus on making your workout experience enjoyable as well get better results. We have a limited number of 2-4 people to ensure our trainer can focus specifically on each member of the group.

5. Group class

We offer a several dynamic group classes each with different objectives which include boot camp, agility and movement and core class. These classes are designed to target your overall body and increase your cardio